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The development of studiO is my soul second mountain. With all the attention going to technology today, we often forget the incredible genius of being human. Humans today have slowly retreated into a machine type state. This transformation is a result of the impact from the Industrial Revolution and, sadly, because we have almost begun to worship technology. During the fourth revolution, humans will be required to become all things robots will never be. Believers of studiO also believe in the extraordinary human potential. For all that we are, and all that we are not, our mystery lies in our ability to see, feel, taste, envision, and create the unknown. In doing so, we are capable of reinventing ourselves many times. In celebrating the human spirit, studiO was founded. It is the brainchild of the dreamers, the misfits, the artists, the teachers, the students, the builders, and the magical essence of the human spirit. Join us as we create a space for humans, each and every human, to create, share, experience, and learn as we reimagine what it truly means to be human. We are with great passion, and rightfully so, honoring humans with the keys to themselves.

- Patty Brown Lamprinakos - Founder

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